Top 10 College, Textbooks & Test Prep Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Best Offer is a site that sells used and new textbooks. It primarily targets students and college-goers who are looking for affordably priced books. The site claims to provide discounts as high as 90% on textbooks. enables users to buy, sell, and rent textbooks and e-textbooks onlin... read more > provides web-based tools for building and testing knowledge. Their tools include Brain Games, Flashcards, Quizzes, Training & Courses, Surveys and Polls along with resources for popular exams such as SAT and IT Certification. They consider themselves a leader in online quizzes as th... read more >
Do you need help to your homework? No worries, is available to help you! is a comprehensive online educational resource. The site is used daily by thousands of students, teachers, professors, and researchers because they have the extreme educational content with innovative serv... read more >
Chegg is an online service whose goal is to improve college students overall academic performance. Chegg allows college students to rent or buy used and new textbooks, and sell back used textbooks for top dollar. In addition to textbook selling and buy-backs, Chegg also provides a variety ... read more > is the best online marketplace for students and professionals to buy, sell and rent textbooks matching to their needs and requirement. The books are offered at discounted price and with 30 days no question asked guarantee. Some of the services include: Rent Textbooks Buy Textbooks S... read more >
Bookrenter provides textbook rentals to students at an affordable cost You can also buy and sell textbooks on the site If a customer needs to use a book for a longer period they can easily extend the rental period at the same low rate Students can rent books at really low prices and get great c... read more >
Bookbyte is the perfect place for students on a budget to shop for books. Bookbyte is an online store that offers a excellent selection of new and used textbooks for college and university students at an affordable price. Bookbyte also purchases textbooks for a top price. In addition,... read more > is the official website for the Sourcebooks, Inc. division: College Countdown. The website’s mission is to provide students, parents and educators with innovative programs, all design for helping with college’s tests prep, college admission and others. The website h... read more >
Vitalsource is a website that offers eTextbooks and eResources. They offer easy navigation with offline reading, the pages are identical to a paper text book, the ability to take notes and highlight, the ability to copy and paste text, to search on specific topic, print pages, ability to send inform... read more >
AbeBooks provides an online marketplace where sellers and buyers can trade in books The following categories of books are available through their website: Second hand books Bestsellers New books Cheap textbooks Rare and out of print books First editions and antiquarian texts Their site is ... read more >
Campus Book Rentals is a college textbook rental service that enables students to acquire the books they need without paying an outrageous price for them. It’s very simple – students rent the new or gently-used textbooks to use throughout their semester. When they are finished with their... read more >
We Buy Textbooks make it easy to sell your used college textbooks You can simply enter the ISBN of the book you are interested in selling and they will give you a free quotation You can sell textbooks to them all year long and get cash any time you need it If you are a student who is looking to... read more > works on an innovative idea of providing the platform for facilitating renting of college books. The college student who wishes to purchase cheap text books can receive buyback quotes or do comparison shopping. The product (textbook) can be available in three easy steps: Rent Recei... read more >
BiggerBooks offers a huge selection of used and new books. BiggerBooks sells best sellers, classics, texts books, eBooks and so much more.  BiggerBooks offers numerous book categories: Art Biography & Autobiography Body, Mind & Spirit Business & Economics Children'... read more >
Textbookx provides millions of new and used books at a discount Students may choose to rent or buy the textbooks that they are interested in using By renting, you can save on textbooks They have thousands of free ebooks that you can choose from You may use the site to sell your own books and e... read more > is the place to go for used textbooks. Buying used textbooks can save you tons of money, but even though has the largest selection of cheap textbooks, not all students want to buy their textbooks. Their Textbook Rental and Return Program is a cheaper alternative to buying new... read more >
Big Mama Student Service is a company that offers textbook rentals and the ability to purchase textbooks. They offer rentals for 120 days, 90 days and 60 days. They also offer extended rentals where the student can rent for additional days. They also try offer supplemental materials such as cd's, wo... read more >, also known as The Free Application For Federal Student Aid, is the website that offers the form that the United States of America Department of Education (ED) requires to determine the students’ Expected Family Contribution (EFC), in case that same student cannot pay for the college... read more > is an online teaching website that helps student with the most important exams in their early years. The word “magoosh” comes from the Persian word “magush”, which means a high-learned person, wise and generous. The visitors can find on this website the following ... read more > is an online test preparation website which aids students who will be taking exams. It focuses on different exams with different approachs. It provides video demos, video lessons, step by step solutions, full length test, diagnostic test, and many practice questions. Products inc... read more >
Grad Shop is a leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium graduation apparel and accessories at affordable prices, using only the best materials and beautifully crafted designs in their full line of graduation regalia and accessories. It offers various kinds of products which... read more >
Graduation Products is part of the website Rhyme University Inc. This company is dedicated on providing young children with the best quality graduation products at the most affordable price. They offer products like graduation caps and tassel sets, graduate sashes, graduation rings, class activity d... read more >
Cengage Brain is a portal for obtaining textbooks directly by buying or renting them By buying the textbooks you need from this site, you pay lower prices because you get you purchase directly from the publisher They sell ebooks, echapters and regular print books Their echapter facility allows ... read more >
Questia is an online library of books and journals It is a study guide service that can be accessed by students all over the world for a subscription fee Users may search books, newspapers, magazines and more Students may generate bibliographies and citations automatically for any resource they... read more >
Secure On Campus is a website that is dedicated to selling items to keep college kids and their items secure. They offer items such as pepper spray, date rape test drink coasters, footlockers, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, safes, locks and much more. The website also offers dorm news and tips ... read more >
The Essays is a company dedicated to writing essays, term papers, research papers, case studies, and course work for academic studies. They also have dissertation services which include research proposals, thesis proposals, dissertation and thesis. They also will write admissions essays, complete as... read more >
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Course Hero, Quizlet and StudyBlue all offer free basic plans with premium subscriptions that offer more advanced learning tools. Chegg is best known for their online academic book rental plus their study tools and offers a free trial. Tutors can earn rewards and money on Chegg. Quizlet is great for...
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The eNotes site is helpful for those who need live support since they have an option for asking an expert a question for a few dollars. You can also get definitions of strange words on eTexts here. SparkNotes is a good site for those who’d rather go as cheap as possible since their resources are l...
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Bookbyte has some of the cheaper rates for rentals, and they also have extra deals on fast shipping with their $2 expedited shipping option. Chegg is the company you want if you expect to need help with your textbooks since the site has their Textbook Solutions service. BookRenter has excellent feat...
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Bookbyte has the cheapest option for expedited shipping for those who need the physical book a bit faster without breaking the bank. Chegg has their Instant Access program to let you view books online while you’re waiting for the physical copy to shift. This means that Chegg will work well for tho...
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CourseSmart is an all-digital option with extra features for eBooks. Cengage has unique features related to giving to charities for every book you buy. is a larger service that has more proven reliability through their BBB A+ rating, for example. They also have more of an emphasis on b...
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Marine engineering has a great scope in India. Many of the students want to pursue this advance branch of engineering called marine electrical & electronics, to make a career as electro technical officer.A field of engineering concerned with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbo...
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Last answer by Jenna Wisterly 42 months ago: Thats a great list of education aid apps for student. However might I recommend a great site; its not an app but you can bookmark it in your browser. It offers the best dissertation topics and the best sample papers fro dissertation, free of charge. You can see it here: read more
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Last answer by Lindbergh Lendl Soriano 56 months ago: What types of books are you looking for? If you want to read pocketbooks and you have an android device, try downloading 10000+ Free ebook Reader at the Google Play Store. After downloading the app, you can download thousands of free ebooks to read. If you are looking for textbooks, you could try... read more
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Last answer by aerial 56 months ago: I completed my CPA 5 years back.  I had used Gleim's CPA review book.  Their CD contains a large database of questions and answers in the format asked at examination conducted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The Gleim's flash cards are a must for revision. ... read more
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